Don Johnson Music

A huge part of Brother Johnson’s ministry was his music. The Lord blessed him with a tremendous ability to touch the hearts of people with his singing. His songs have thrilled the hearts of thousands of people in revivals, campmeetings, and conferences throughout the years. His recordings have affected the lives of many people he never got the chance to meet personally. Miracles have taken place in people’s lives as they listened to these songs. Over the years, Brother Johnson received reports of people being healed, filled with the Holy Ghost, and even saved from suicide as they listened to Brother Johnson’s music.

Brother Johnson recorded his first album in 1972, at Sun Recording Studios of Memphis, Tennessee, titled “It’s In My Heart.” This album was recorded for the benefit of the Blue Mountain Children’s Home and proved to be a great financial blessing to them. In all, Brother Johnson recorded over twenty albums and wrote several hundred songs.

Probably the most popular song Brother Johnson ever wrote was “I Can’t Complain.” One day, as he was driving down the road in his car, he began to think of the goodness of God and how our blessings always outnumber our troubles. It was then that the words of the song began to come to him. He stopped his car and wrote down the words.

Oh, I have bad days, and I have hills to climb.
Then I have sad days, and then a weary mind.
Yet when I look about, and I think these things all out,
All of the good things outweigh the bad things, I can’t complain.

God is so good to me, He is so good to me,
More than this world could be, He’s so good to me.
His Spirit came to me, And gave me victory,
God is so good to me, I can’t complain.

Sometimes the clouds hang low, and I’d like to see them go.
Then I ask the question Lord, “Why so much pain?”
But He knows what’s best for me, although I cannot see.
I just say, “Thank you, Lord,” ’cause I can’t complain.

God is so good to me, He is so good to me,
More than this world could be, He’s so good to me.
His Spirit came to me, And gave me victory,
God is so good to me, I can’t complain.
My God is so good to me, I can’t complain.

Brother Johnson’s songs have been recorded and performed by a number of widely known professional singers and singing groups including The Florida Boys, The Dixie Echoes, The Dixie Melody Boys, The Sego Brothers and Naomi, The Singing Cooks, The Mid-South Boys, The Galileans, The Cathedrals, LaVerne Tripp, The Lamar Sego Family, Elder James Lennox.

The song “I Can’t Complain” was featured in a book about Sister Jean Urshan, wife of General Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church, Reverend Nathaniel Urshan. The song was noted to be her favorite. It was performed as “I Won’t Complain” by R&B singer John Legend on The Oprah Winfrey Show. It was also sung by Stevie Wonder at the funeral service for Ray Charles.

The majority of Brother’s Johnson’s recordins were published by Supreme Record Company. Tom Walls, as president of Supreme Record Company, helped so much with the production and distribution of Brother Johnson’s recordings and became close friends over the years.

Songs Brother Johnson Composed

“Admiration” *
“Big News”
“Come Alive”
“Day After Day”
“God’s Face”
“His Hand Reached Further Down”
“I Can’t Complain”
“I Can’t Settle Down”
“I’ll Rest My Case”
“I’m Back Again”
“I’m Walking Toward Heaven”
“It’s Already Paid For”
“Let The World Go By”
“More Than Enough”
“My Day Will Come”
“My Highest Heights”
“Right In The Middle Of It All”
“The Healing Service”
“What I Could Not Do” *
“We’ve Got The Best There Is”
“Welcome To The City” *

* Co-written with Brother Charles Johnson

Songs Brother Johnson Helped Make Popular

“Address Change”
“After While” *
“God Has Smiled On Me”
“God Is My Refuge”
“I’ll Do His Will”
“I’ve Met The Man”
“Jesus Speak To Them” *
“Just Whisper Jesus” *
“Leave Them There” *
“Master Of The Storm”
“Reach Out And Take Somebody’s Hand”
“So Long and Goodbye” *
“Take Me Back” *
“The Grave Can’t Hold Me”
“The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow”
“The Road Is Paved” *
“The Wedding” *
“The Writer Of The Song” *
“Totally Devoted” *
“We’re Just Changing Mountain Tops”
“Wonderful Jesus”
“You Talk About Revival” *

* Written by Brother Charles Johnson